Neighbourhoods tour:
welcome to Jericho &
North Oxford.

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Home to academics and artists, musicians and millionaires.
Explore Jericho and North Oxford with a local.
Come and get a feel for City life.

Arty. Bohemian. Quirky.

Discover the Jericho Tavern.  
A historic pub that launched two Oxford rock bands to stardom.  
And next door, the oldest continually-operating cinema in Oxford.

Church. And State.

A trendy bar in a former Church. 
And a futuristic glass structure: the School of Government. 
Both will educate our future leaders. Which will leave the greater impression? 

Lost for words?

Writers abound in North Oxford. 
Just as well one of their tools is here: the Oxford English Dictionary.
Come and see the suitably grand home of this very grand book. 

And wealthy.

Beautiful Victorian mansions. Tree lined avenues. 
And a prosperous, studious hush. 
North Oxford harks back to the privileged era of the Gentleman Scholar.

Once humble. 
Now humming.

It’s not all mansions and lawns. 
Victorian terraces. Once home to printers and iron-workers.
Now one of the trendiest parts of Oxford.

Shop like a local.

Put down the books. It’s time to shop. Or eat. 
Or visit one of Oxford’s best pubs. 
Discover this most charming of Oxford shopping streets, a hidden gem.

And then back to College.

Finish at a beautiful out-of-the-way college, off the tourist trail.
Book your neighbourhood tour now. Choose your exclusive Delight.
And visit a part of Oxford other visitors rarely see.

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