Preview tour:
your exclusive introduction
to Oxford.

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Make this the first thing you do.
Get your bearings. Get to know Oxford's highlights.
And get on with your holiday. Without missing a thing.

The most beautiful street
in England?

The High. It's been called the most beautiful street in England.
See if you agree.
Find out what there is to discover along its length.

Which colleges to see?

Big and grand. Small and intimate. Ancient or modern.
You can't see all 38 colleges. So make sure you see the best.
(Not just the most obvious!)

And byeways.

Grand vistas are great.
But don't miss the hidden side-streets.
Meander the magical mediaeval lanes of Oxford.

Great views. 
Your camera will thank you. 

Sure, Oxford is a beautiful city.
But like any beauty it's best from certain angles!
We'll take you to the choicest spots. You do the rest with your camera.

An Oxford invention. Really?

The first public museum in the world. Still here in Oxford.
A dodo. Shrunken heads. Renaissance art. Rare musical instruments.
Whatever your interest, there's bound to be a museum for you. 

Eat like a local.

It's England. Everything stops for tea. Or it used to.
Nowadays you're just as likely to stop for great coffee.
Or brilliant British fish and chips. Get the scoop on the local eateries.  

Oxford nightlife. 
Still vibrant after 800 years.

Shakespeare on a college lawn. Jazz clubs down back alleys.
Studio theatres. Opera on a boat. Classical concerts. Clubs. 
Get a personalised what's on. And get the most from Oxford's nightlife.

It's your choice.
Choose wisely.

You're only here for a short time. Don't risk missing out.
Use our Preview tour to plan your perfect Oxford break.
Then reward yourself with one of our tempting Delights.

Exclusive Oxford Delights

Round off your tour in style.  Pick one of our exclusive Delights.
They are all specially chosen by us to give you a real taste of Oxford.

Afternoon tea

Great British tradition

Chauffeur to shops

Bicester Village in style

Traditional Pub

Hub of British social life

Christ Church

A tour of 'Hogwarts'

Meet a student

Insider's Oxford

Morse cocktail

Raise a glass to Morse

Towering views

Best views in Oxford

Ashmolean Museum

A private introduction

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